Truck Mounted Sewer Jetter – Super Products SuperJet

SuperJet Truck Mounted Sewer Jetters blast debris to clear blockages and maintain sewer lines with the industry’s strongest and smoothest single piston water pump when vacuuming extraction is not required. Each unit has convenient curb and street side fill for municipal and residential sewer cleaning and comes standard with a highly accommodating hose reel with 1000’ of 1” diameter sewer hose, has 200° rotation and a digital monitor. This allows operators to work efficiently while positioning themselves out of traffic and other hazards. The monitor displays a hose footage count, offers 20 saved settings for hose reel payout and is designed with LED panel lights to enable readability in a variety of environments. Units also come standard with rotationally molded polyethylene water tanks in a modular design that accommodate a range of water capacities and are eco-friendly.

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